Tentang Saya

Hi. Welcome to Marowdg’s and Barangan Secondhand Blog. My name is Mohd Kamarul Bin Razali. Friends call me Arul/Maro, and some friend call me Rol. Actually Marowdg’s  is my nick name in the cyber world, so next time if you meet Marowdg’s  in cyberspace, please say hello to me.

I’m very interested in writing blog and making money online. This is my first blog and i still learn how to be a successful blogger. Hopefully someday i will become a professional blogger and a successful internet marketer.

Now i’m working at Mjftech Computer Services at Terenggganu. I use my free time to blogging and learn internet marketing because i’m newbie in internet marketing. There is still a lot for me to learn and sometimes it was so hard for me but thankfully i have my best friend or maybe i should call him sifu (teacher) name Killies as known as Sukifli. He teach me a lot about website and blog and how to make money online, thanks to him. I hope can learn as soon as possible to be as Successful Internet Marketer just like Alan Gardyne from AssociatePrograms Dot Com or Ewen Chia from Singapore.

If you want to chatting online (Yahoo Messenger) with me, just add me marowdg[at]yahoo[dot]com or if u want to ask something or give some useful idea to me you can email me at lyn_arul(at)yahoo(dot)com

I think that’s all from me now, and thanks for visiting my blog.

Have a nice day from Marowdg’s.


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